Humboldt County Memorial Hospital is a 21-bed Critical Access Hospital which includes acute and skilled care.  The Hospital is currently expanding in an effort to improve patient experiences by building a modern, efficient facility.  The projected budget for the expansion is $19.2 million and includes:

  • A two-story new addition
  • New main entrance will face North 15th Street
  • New addition will include:
*Primary Care (Unity Point Clinic) *Speciality Services
*Rehabilitation Services *Cardiopulmonary Services
*Diabetic Education *Nutrition Education
*Patient Education *Conference Center

  • Renovated space will include:
*Genevieve's Place *Humboldt County Public Health   *Patient Registration

These services will be provided in addition to the tremendous services already provided at HCMH: 

*Outpatient Surgery *General Surgery
*Orthopedics *Ear, Nose & Throat
*Urology *Outpatient Specialty Clinics
*Podiatry *Senior Living (Independent, Assisted & Long Term)
*Gastroenterology *Corporate Community Health & Wellness
*Rehabilitation *24 Hour Ambulance and Emergency Services
*Home Care  

For more information, please contact the Humboldt County Memorial Hospital at 1000 N 15th Street, Humboldt, IA  50548, Phone 515-332-4200,