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Humboldt County excels in housing development, offering land for new construction, available housing market and multi-family units.  Humboldt County is dedicated to advancing the quality of life through affordable housing options.

The Humboldt County Housing Development Corporation (HCHDC) is a non-profit housing development group that continues to work with local communities to provide housing options to meet the needs of each community. 

Eagle Ridge Subdivision
A project of HCHDC, is located in the City of Humboldt and offers lots for development. 

Willow Ridge
A private subdivision that offers lots for development.

updated 2012 WILLOW RIDGE EXHIBIT(9-24-12)
Available Properties

For a complete listing of the available homes or to find a Realtor in Humboldt County please visit the Humboldt County Multiple Listing Service website.  

Programs & Incentives

  • The City of Humboldt offers housing tax incentives for new housing construction. 
  • HCHDC offers grant funding for the demolition of abandoned and blighted property.
  • Rural Housing 360 offers new construction options for individual homeowners. 
  • Financial assistance programs are also available from supporting organizations such as Homeward. 
For more information on any of these programs please contact us.

For information on HCHDC's demolition grant please contact the City of Humboldt at: 515.332.3435