Humboldt County offers safe, reliable and dependable utility service to residents and businesses.  From water and wastewater in each community to gas, electric and telecommunications provided through utility partners, Humboldt County is positioned for growth!

Electric   Natural Gas
   *Midland Power Cooperative     *MidAmerican Energy Company
   *MidAmerican Energy Company  


Water & Wastewater

Water   Wastewater
  • 2.5 MGD water plant 
  • 12" main with 1" lines
  • 46 PSI static, 28 PSI residual (varies by location)
  • 650 GPM flow rate
  • 10" main with 6" lines
  • 1.8M GPD Hydraulic Capacity Plant
  • Organic Capacity of 1,870 pounds per day BOD
  • Activated Sludge Sewage Treatment Plant