Humboldt County offers a strong workforce base with a variety of skill sets to compliment the needs of local and regional businesses and industries. With a total adjusted labor force of 44,139 and 13,700 of those willing or likely to accept or change employment, Humboldt County has a diverse workforce ready to meet the needs of businesses and industries in the area.  For more information on existing labor force statistics please Contact Us.  Data recently collected by Iowa Workforce Development revealed the following workforce characteristics:

79.5% employed
  --23.9% are willing to change employment for the right job opportunity
  --2.7% underemployed
  --76.7% have education/training beyond high school
  --19.9% have an associate degree 
  --5.2% are trade certified
  --3% have completed vocational training
  --20.1% have an undergraduate degree
  --8.7% have a postgraduate degree
7.9% unemployed
  --56.3% willing and able to enter the workforce
7.2% homemakers, not employed
  --44.8% willing and able to enter the workforce
5.4% retired
  --36.4% willing to enter the workforce in some capacity
Commuting Data
  -- Residents willing to change employment would commute an average of 25 miles one way.

Check out Humboldt County Laborshed Interactive Presentation-Style Version or summary for more information.  For Mid Iowa Growth Partnership Regional Laborshed Reports please click here to view a summary and for Interactive Version click here.

Humboldt County Development Association is proud to partner with Iowa Central Community College for advanced workforce training and retraining to ensure Humboldt County provides the quality of workforce needed for local and regional businesses.  Iowa Central also offers incentives for workforce training and retraining programs via the Iowa New Jobs Training (260E) and Iowa Jobs Training (260F) Programs.  For more information on workforce training and retraining options available to individuals and businesses please Contact Us
>>Vist the Iowa Central Community College Job Training Website