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Humboldt Area Arts Council was first introduced in 2005. The strongest priority of the HAAC is to bring moreHAC Logo art opportunities to the people of Humboldt, with a special emphasis being made to support and include the youth of the area.  For more information on HAAC and classes they provide check out their website or on their Humboldt Area Arts Council Facebook page.

Nokomis Woodworking is a club that provides a safe working environment for members, with access to equipment and space that members may not have in their own workshop. Woodworking techniques, knowledge and skills may be shared with other members. Check them out on their Nokomis Woodworking Facebook page.

100+ Women Who Care, Humboldt County, is a group of women that meet quarterly to support either a non-profit organization or individual that is in need. Each member donates $100 per quarter to the project that is voted on that evening. There is also a different side cause for each meeting that members may support with financial or items needed for that particular cause.  Check them out on their Women Who Care Facebook page.

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