Humboldt County Development Association, IA


County Information
Region: North Central Iowa
Tourism Region: Northwest
County Seat: Dakota City
School Districts: Humboldt Community School District
St. Mary's Catholic School, Humboldt
Gilmore City-Bradgate Community School, Gilmore City
Twin River Valley Community School, Bode
Area Code: 515
US Congressional District: 4
Iowa Legislative District: House 56 - Senate 28


Humboldt County is home to twelve wonderful communities, each with their own unique assets.  For more information on any of the communities in Humboldt County, please contact us



Population: Humboldt County: 9,364






Clerk Becky Struthers
PO Box 147, 105 Humboldt Ave.
Bode, IA  50519
Phone: 515-379-1486
Community Overview

Clerk Amie Wells
PO Box 101
Bradgate, IA  50520
Phone: 515-375-6020
Community Overview

Dakota City
Clerk Angelique Berry
PO Box 427, 26 5th St. S
Dakota City, IA  50529
Phone: 515-332-3083
Community Overview


Gilmore City
Clerk Missy Ubben
PO Box 276, 304 S Gilmore St.
Gilmore City, IA  50541
Phone: 515-373-6326
Community Overview

Clerk Cheryl May
2510 220th St.
Hardy, IA  50545
Phone: 515-332-1802
Community Overview 

Clerk Gloria Christensen
29 5th St. S
Humboldt, IA  50548
Phone: 515-332-3435
Community Overview


Clerk Kristi Russell
PO Box 16, 401 4th Ave.
Livermore, IA  50558
Phone: 515-379-1074
Community Overview

Clerk Ashton Collins
PO Box 814, 109 DeWitt St.
LuVerne, IA  50560
Phone: 515-882-3206
Community Overview

Clerk Megan Kampen
PO Box 67, 620 2nd St.
Ottosen, IA  50570
Phone:  515-379-1799
Community Overview


Clerk Diane Marty
PO Box 115, 501 Main St.
Renwick, IA  50577
Phone:  515-824-3511
Community Overview

Clerk Donna Cran
201 Sheridan Ave.
Rutland, IA  50582
Phone:  515-332-2525
Community Overview

Clerk Verla Thul
PO Box 25, 215 Ada St.
Thor, IA  50591
Phone:  515-378-3141
Community Overview



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